Adventure Afoot

One woman’s journey around the world…one footstep at a time.

Sometimes the best adventure is realizing mid-meal that those dumplings your driver ordered for you in Mandarin are actually made of donkey...or having a 40-minute “conversation” on the grounds of the Taj Mahal with a large group of smiling Bengalis who speak no English, and you no Bengalimaybe it is experiencing the midnight sun at 3am off the coast of Norway and looking up to see the sun still so high in the skyor getting pick-pocketed by a monkey trying to steal the banana in your bag as you walk across a hanging bridge high above the Ganges Riverperhaps the fun begins when you book yourself a nine-hour layover in Moscow simply so you can leave the airport and see the Red Squareor find yourself giving directions (in very bad Greek) to lost Greeks on holiday in their own countrybut maybe finding your wanderlust smile is as simple as locating your great-grandfather’s home in Sicily by talking to the one guy in the small village who speaks—French!

Lisa’s well-used passport is up to date and she is available for all of your on-camera travel-hosting needs.

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